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Extensive industry expertise, reliable market understanding, speed and a high degree of methodical competency all represent significant factors for success in the constantly changing hotel and tourism industry. The outside perspective of the company provides an overview of the current state of affairs which demonstrates potential for development and provides possible alternatives. We will supply customised consulting services with a clear focus on the task at hand. The results of our reports are designed for sustainable solutions.

Company assessment

Do you know the value of your company? – The core expertise of CFB network AG consists of the assessment and interpretation of the value based on internationally recognised methods which are also being applied by banks. CFB network AG have been accredited as external property assessor by various banks all over Switzerland. Throughout these complex processes, you will profit from the industry skills and operational experiences of the CFB consultants.

Target: Market-compliant and professional instrument for the investor as a measure for strategic decisions and for the capital provider as foundation for sustainable, acceptable financing.

Feasibility study

Can your targets be realised? – The evaluation of the market appeal, relative competitive appeal, relationship between investments, operation and processes as well as the comparison of possible earnings and investment, operational and structural costs form the foundation of a comprehensive feasibility study. The results of this study will be supplemented through sensitivity and risk potential analyses as well as an evaluation.

Goal: Development of profound bases for an investment decision or for a reorganization and optimization of the original projects.

Expert input

Is your foundation intact? – The expert input is based on extensive experiences of the CFB specialists. On the basis of industry knowledge and familiarity with the relevant benchmark data, a results log is created which reflects an assessment. The quick test is suitable as a plausibility check, as second opinion and as first general test of the feasibility of a project within the tourism sector.

Goal: Professional and objective assessment based on long-term industry experience. Evaluation available at short notice and promptly.

Operational analysis

Are you aware of the positive and negative drivers of your companies? – The well-founded operations analysis critically inspects all aspects of operations and compares them across the industry. The investigation primarily focuses on the following aspects: Concordance of objectives set, and targets reached - strategic alignment, structured cost management and operational implementation - adequate operations processes and organizational structures - presentation of the economic results after the implementation of productive measures.

Goal: Development of an implementable and practical working paper for immediate performance increase. Ability to forecast future earning power based on the current situation and development of reliable documentation for decision-makers and creditors.

Succession planning

How have you planned your succession? – Early planning and actions set the stage for the future success of succession. Succession planning must address essential human, economic, operational, legal and tax-relevant aspects. A gradual process with inclusion of all involved parties ensures the consideration of all essential aspects and thereby the development of sophisticated solutions.

Goal: Analysis of all relevant aspects of succession planning and creation of foundations and concepts for a successful implementation.

Reorganization concept

Are you at your wit's end? – To reclaim an effective surplus revenue, we inspect the business processes, market strategies, success potential as well as the legal structure of the company and secure the relationship to capital providers. In our project-oriented approach, we concentrate on the critical benchmark figures of turnaround, feasibility, targets, success optimization, responsibilities and deadline structure. The success of the project is contingent upon close cooperation between debtors, creditors and consultants.

Goal: Compilation of a practical catalogue of measures to implement for immediate profitability increase. Well-founded statements about the economic performance after completed turnaround.

Due diligence test

Have you subjected your investment decision to an in-depth assessment? – The economic assessment offers the best possible basis for a decision and primarily addresses the following topics: Presentation of problem sources which are of significant relevance for the purchase. Critical analysis of the economic aspects, strategic alignment and operations processes which must all be taken into consideration in any contractual agreements. Basic SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the company Presentation of possibly relevant stumbling blocks.

Goal: Extensive whitepaper for decision-finding through presentation of transparent, comprehensive analysis of current situation.

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